Creedence Clearwater Survival

Creedence Clearwater Survival recreate the atmosphere and energy of a real 'LIVE' John Fogerty/CCR concert. Playing all the hits everybody has come to know and love, Green River, Born on the Bayou , Proud Mary, Bad Moon Rising, Fortunate Son, Old Man Down The Road, just to name a few.                                                                                                                                  

Every audience has been amazed at the faithful recreation of the CCR/Fogerty sound by CCS. 

So ya’ll, “hitch a ride to the end of the highway” and let CREEDENCE CLEARWATER SURVIVAL entertain you with classic songs that they just don’t make anymore.               


Australia's premier CCR/John Fogerty tribute show


Creedence Clearwater Revival released an astonishing five top ten albums in 1969 and 1970. Not even the Fab Four from Liverpool had that impact in such an extraordinarily short period of time. Around the globe, four young men had their stripped back roots rock dripping out of AM radios everywhere. John Fogerty is a master songsmith, manipulating the human psyche into believing he actually came from the very swamps and deep southern landscape he sang about. These were no frothy pop songs though, these were songs about the working class. They were sung with fire and a passion that resonated with a young population that was searching for a relevant post acid tripping, love generation voice.

These boys were no overnight sensations, they were seasoned, experienced, and extremely competent musicians. Just listen to Fogerty's "New Orleans" drawl over Doug Clifford's menacingly hypnotic backbeat on “Suzie Q”, or the scorching rockabilly licks and guitar feedback on the tour de force, “Ramble Tamble”. These guys weren't art-rock; they were the world's greatest garage band, and true rock and rollers!

This is the very essence that makes Melbourne's “Creedence Clearwater Survival” Australia's premier CCR and John Fogerty tribute show. With attention to detail, both instrumental and visual, the four members of “Creedence Clearwater Survival” put on a power house performance that will have audiences re-living a real CCR/Fogerty show. A show that is energetic, dynamic, and perfect for today's audiences. 

John Forgery: lead guitar, harmonica, and lead vocals.

Tom Foolery: Electric and acoustic rhythm guitars.

Cookie Stuart: Bass and backing vocals.

Cliff Douglas: Cowbell, backing vocals, and drums.